Hanging out in Ipswich, Suffolk

Upon arriving in London last Thursday I made my way out to the town of Ipswich, the county town (or main town) of Suffolk.

Ipswich is just over an hour train ride out of London. Staring out the window on my way there I was taken through a gradual change in scenery – from busy, urban and industrial to wide open green spaces. My destination, country England suburbia!

Ipswich rail station

I’m in the fortunate position of being able to stay with some friends while I sort out a few things (job and house), and I’m pretty happy for the chance to explore somewhere I probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

So far I’ve been on a few little excursions to explore the surroundings and I’m pleased to report that it is as quaint and quintessentially English as I could hope. The houses are cute with brightly coloured doors, the sky is a beautiful bright blue scattered with amazing clouds and I’m pretty lucky that there has been some (slightly) warming sunshine to ease me into the cold.

The streets of Ipswich
The streets of Ipswich
St Peter’s by the Waterfront
The sneaky back path we take when walking to the rail station

I’m also loving seeing, hearing and noticing all the little differences between Australia and England, be it vernacular (and accents), road signs, products or food.

Super cute Royal Mail van
Super cute Royal Mail van
Diversion sign
No detours here, only diversions…
Royal Mail postbox
The post boxes here are way classier than ours
It’s pretty normal to come across pork sausage flavoured chips here (you think they’re slightly weird until you realise the whole packet is gone because they’re delicious)
Fish and chips are served with mushy peas
The Sir Bobby Robson Bridge – a pedestrian footbridge over the River Orwell

I’ve really enjoyed my first week here. But as always, there is more to explore!

Is there anything in Ipswich you think I should check out? Let me know in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Hanging out in Ipswich, Suffolk

  1. Hey that’s a great start – you have been so busy.
    I love the sneaky short cut track – almost expected to see a hedgehog photo bombing it 😉
    Mutti xxx


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