A new nation’s capital

I have a new nation’s capital!

Referring to London as my nation’s capital doesn’t quite roll off the tongue yet. Especially when I’ve just moved from Australia’s national capital of Canberra, which has been my home for the past eight years.

I like to think that I did my fair share of exploring when I lived in Canberra (I’m already missing the many great things to see, do and eat!). So having friends visiting England conveniently at the same time as I moved over meant an awesome compulsory trip to the smoke (aka London) for a few days of exploring (with plenty of eating and drinking in between!).

London, London, London… the first thing I’ll say is that it’s rare to not see a bit of hustle and bustle wherever you go. I love that whatever time it is, there is always something happening; and we certainly kept busy!

We did what tourists do and did a lot of wandering around the city to check out the sights. As we walked through the likes of Leicester and Trafalgar Squares I couldn’t help but constantly be distracted by what was going on around us – whether it be buskers working up a crowd for their performance, massive billboards tempting you to one of many theatre shows or beautiful old buildings everywhere you look.

It was a really great few days of seeing new things and hanging out with some friends that I probably won’t see in a while. Here are some of my favourite things from our mini adventure:

Piccadilly Circus
I love seeing all the different signs at each different underground station.
The Three Greyhounds
The Three Greyhounds in Soho, London. English pubs have great names!
Gold street performer at Covent Garden.
Street performer at Covent Garden just sitting on air, as you do.
Silver street performer at Covent Garden.
Just balancing on my shovel, ya know.
Street performer at Covent Garden
This “dog” wasn’t quite as impressive at the guys floating in air, but amusing all the same!
Magical bacon
Magical unicorn bacon!!
Kate and lion in the moody evening at Trafalgar Square.
The London Eye and view of Westminster
The London Eye and view of Westminster
The Shard building, Southwark, London.
The Shard building, in which I was spoiled to a delicious afternoon tea.
High tea at the Aqua Shard.
After some amazing sandwiches we nommed our way through all these yummy desserts.
View from the Shard, Southwark, London.
A very special view of London from Aqua Shard.
Saw the brilliant Miss Saigon at Prince Edward Theatre.
Saw the brilliant Miss Saigon at Prince Edward Theatre.
Miss Saigon showing at the Prince Edward Theatre, London.
Beautiful yet emotional scene from Miss Saigon.
I think whoever was in charge finished work early. “Where does this one go?!? Check the front of the train!”
St Paul's Cathedral
One of my favourites St Paul’s Cathedral, London sits at the top of Ludgate Hill, the highest point in the City of London. Kate and I both got this ‘very English’ shot of St Paul’s Cathedral, a red double decker bus and a black cab.
One of many great artworks we checked out at the National Gallery, London – A Wheatfield, with Cypresses, Vincent van Gogh.
I love this painting – the Boulevard Montmartre at Night, Camille Pissarro at the National Gallery, London.

I’ve obviously much more to check out in London and would love to hear your suggestions in the comments below!

One thought on “A new nation’s capital

  1. Reading this almost feels like I was there with you. Look forward to seeing more.

    Just one suggestion. More food pictures please!


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