Settling into London

It’s been a long time between drinks and I don’t know about you, but I’m a little parched…

I haven’t had much time lately to update (h)ubertasteof because I’ve been pretty busy exploring and settling into London-town. But I’m pleased to say I’m back and have some news to share!

I’m now officially a resident of Camberwell, which is a suburb in the Borough (pronounced burra) of Southwark (pronounced Suth-ick) in South London. It’s an interesting little place with quite a mix of things going on. It’s quite arty (I’m just up the road from the Camberwell College of Arts and the South London Gallery) and has a bit of an urban, gritty feel to it. However, wander off the main strips and you’ll discover many gorgeous, green parks. A 20 minute walk will get you to Burgess Park, Ruskin Park, Warwick Gardens or Camberwell Green (and that’s just off the top of my head!). It’s also conveniently 45-55 minutes walk to work.

Welcome to Camberwell!
Welcome to Camberwell!

That’s right… after five months of freedom I’m employed again! I’ve just started my new role in VisitBritain’s campaigns team and am really enjoying it so far (I have to say that, right?). But in all seriousness, besides the overwhelming feeling that a new job brings (so much learning – new processes, new products, new target audiences, new colleagues’ names to remember!) I’m really excited to have such an awesome opportunity. I’m also looking forward to taking advantage of working for the national tourism board to get to know more about Great Britain.

My VisitBritain digs
My VisitBritain digs.


I also managed to get in a bit of travel in before starting with VisitBritain. I enjoyed a Brighton, Bath and Oxford trip, and was also stoked to host a close friend who dropped into London to visit me and joined me on a wonderful trip to Bordeaux. I’ll tell you more about those trips on (H)TO in the coming weeks.

While jaunting around Europe is lovely, I also want to make the most of my time in London being a ‘local’. I’ve been concocting a Camberwell/Peckham ‘things to do’ list in my mind and can’t wait to share with you (and get your suggestions) what I have in mind.

Ive already started on the checklist. This was a yummy breakfast at No. 67 South London Gallery cafe)
I’ve already started on my local check list. This was a yummy breakfast at No. 67 (the South London Gallery cafe).

I also want to share the other London bits and pieces that I’ve been up to, so will write about some of those experiences over the next few weeks also.

That’s me! What’s news with you guys?

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