Frolicking in London’s lavender fields

Have you seen those photos on Instagram of the beautiful bright purple rows of lavender in Provence, France? If not, you should Google and/or Instagram it and see what I’m talking about! One of these beautiful images I saw was on the wonderful Lauren Bath’s (@laurenepbath) Instagram account and it reminded me of giant purple worms lounging around the fields.

I soon discovered I wouldn’t have to jet over to France to see this magnificent site (although I still want to!) because just outside of London there are some amazing lavender farms for everyone to enjoy. My adventure last year took me to the Mayfield Lavender Field in Banstead, Surrey.

Let me start by saying it was truly an Instagrammer’s delight!

Lavender for days! Today's beautiful sunny weather was perfect for a little visit to Mayfield Lavender Farm in Banstead.

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The lavender fields are a bit out of the way (especially if you’re getting public transport), but it’s still worth going for a wander through the rows and rows and rows of lavender and taking in the serenity. If you suffer from sleep difficulties I’m sure it’s been suggested to you to to try putting some lavender oil on your pillow, and I can understand why. After being surrounded by the subtle smell of lavender for the duration of my visit I did come away feeling ever so relaxed and calm! The mesmerising way the lavender gently sways in the breeze probably played a part too.


The feast is not just for your eyes; there’s also a cafe and shop at the fields to ensure bellies as well as souls are nourished! There shop has many lavender based, infused and inspired products (from little bags of lavender to teas and honey) and my favourite purchase of the day was a lavender scone (for the Aussies reading this, scones in the UK are more a mix of a cake and a scone). With lavender throughout, a smidge of butter on top, and an accompanying tea (no, not lavender tea!), I was in heaven!

Now I’ll leave you with my attempts to Instagram the crap out of the lavender fields…

Mayfield Lavender Farm - Please Do Not Pick The Lavender
Mayfield Lavender Farm – Please Do Not Pick The Lavender


Feel the serenity...
Feel the serenity…


Visitors enjoying lavender and clouds for miles
Visitors enjoying lavender and clouds for miles (p.s that’s totally a bee photobzzzing my photo!)


Such a loser!
Such a loser!




The lavender shop, for all your lavender-based product needs!
The lavender shop, for all your lavender-based product needs!


Lavender scone #noms
Lavender scone #noms

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